Basic Computer Classes

Learn from beginner to expert with the best introduction classes covering several computer software/hardware features

Programming classes

Learn a variety of current and up-to date programming languages for development of websites, web-systems, mobile and desktop applications

Cyber Security Classes

Learn cybersecurity courses like Ethical hacking and penetration testing from beginner to expert from the best tutors


Get Certified by the bests

Receive certification on all completed courses

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Acquire certification on major computer courses at affordable prices from the best there is.

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Access to your tutors online on one to one sessions for questions, clarifications, comments etc.


Upon Course completion all enrolled candidates do an online test and receives their certificates

Experience  the power of the screen


Basic Courses

Ksh.999/ lifetime

Introduction to Computers

Computer Packages

Internet and world wide web

Introduction to Operating Systems

Computer Maintenance and support

Access to all free contents

Programming Courses

Ksh.1999/ lifetime

Introduction to Programming

Introduction to Databases

Website and web-system design courses

Desktop application development courses

Android & IOS development Courses

Access to all free contents

Hacking Courses

Ksh.2500/ lifetime

Introduction to System Security

Full Ethical hacking Course

System penetration testing technique and tools

Introduction to computer forensics

Staying anonymous on the web

Access to all free contents

Innovative solutions to consider

Canvas Design Solutions

Canva Design Solutions Best graphic design tools the web have to offer. It Includes unlimited templates across all fields to fasten your design. Whether its a one time design or a long time design needs, Canva got you covered

Truehost Solutions

A great platform that provides cloud services such as cloud storage, hosting and domains, SSL certificates, dedicated servers, VPS, and cloud backup.The webhosting includes all major cms for free including but not limited to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete etc.with support for all common database engines.

Fiverr freelance Solutions

Fiverr is one of the top marketplaces for freelance services. From design to writing, it offers a wide range of services. As its services include virtually any need, it doesn’t really matter who your target audience is.